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The aims of Soviet socialism

1. Build industry as the base for socialism.

2. Build the industrial base to defend socialism, being ready for the war that was coming and had been in the making since 1917.

3. Build industry where there wasn’t any. Power generation, metals, transport, textiles, defence, oil, construction etc.

4. Build industry to liberate people – quality of life, ideas, thinking etc. Socialism is for the uplifting of life not levelling down.

5. Build education – schools, nurseries, universities, vocational education, technical education, art and literature, adult education, post-work education. There is no limit to the intellectual abilities of people.

6. Promote education to obliterate all religious backwardness.

7. Eradicate illiteracy, lifting the cultural level and understanding of the most backward and downtrodden. Build parks, theatres, museums, libraries, sports facilities, train artists, musicians and writers, establish innumerable newspapers in dozens of languages and media outlets.

8. Build a health service. Provide pensions, workers’ rest homes, holidays etc.

9. Establish the equality of women in all spheres of life.

Only a revolution genuinely committed to the interests of the people, to obliterating poverty and hardship would commit to such a course.


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