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Do you care about Britain’s future? Then come and join us.

Who are you?

Do you wish to promote the interests of the working class?

Do you want to be active in promoting an independent Britain?

Do you question received wisdom and form your own conclusions after weighing up the evidence?

Do you agree with much of what you read in Workers and in our online communications?

If this description fits you, take the next step and get in touch about membership.

Who are we?

We are a party formed in 1968 whose founding purpose remains the same, to get workers (the vast majority of the people of Britain) to change the way they think. To move away from settling for survival under capitalism to actively deciding to assert control over our own destiny.

Our members across Britain work in workplaces, colleges and communities, not as cheerleaders but together as fellow members of the working class learning from each other. In this way we can all build on our collective experiences, develop Marxist thinking and apply the lessons to further the interests of workers generally.

You will be joining a party where everyone is encouraged to improve their grasp of how Marxism-Leninism applies to Britain, through regular, collective study, and to be actively involved in debate. We do not have political ‘experts’ who hand out revelations to be consumed. All members are regarded as both thinkers and doers. 

What do we do?

We have always sought to engage and debate with workers. We use many ways to do so: talking to people individually, selling Workers magazine, distributing pamphlets, holding public meetings and study groups and so on.

Being a communist does not make you different or “other”. It merely enhances what you already do, by taking this journey together with us.

How do you get in touch?

Email us at info@cpbml.org.uk

Phone or text us on 07308 979308

Write to us at CPBML, 78 Seymour Ave, London N17 9EB.

We look forward to hearing from you!