Out! And now for real independence

Here you can read news from the CPBML about the progress and challenges of working class control in the fight for real independence for Britain, and follow links to other pieces with valuable information. Please email us with information about meetings or useful links.

Fishing quotas for 2024 agreed

27 December 2023

Britain still has to deal with the EU over fishing quotas. The latest agreement, the fourth since leaving the EU, sees further progress.

Research – Horizon giveaway

9 September 2023

A long-delayed deal with the EU to allow British scientists to take part in the Horizon research programme is weighted against Britain’s interests.

Keep the EU out of Britain – and Ireland too!

10 March 2023

At the end of February the goverment announced a provisional agreement (the Windsor Framework) with the EU to resolve difficulties with the Northern Ireland Protocol. Rishi Sunak claims this will “take back control” of Northern Ireland. It won’t.

The EU: a bloc of stagnation

23 December 2022

Very much like capitalism in Britain, the EU is clueless about how to run an economy. A particular weakness is the European Central Bank, run by the famously helpless Christine Lagarde.

No going back!

21 November 2022

This government is toying with reversing the referendum vote to leave the European Union. That will get as far as it thinks the people will allow it to go.

Is Brexit done?

Tuesday 10 January 2023 19:00

Six years after the vote to leave the European Union, is the United Kingdom really free of its clutches? How much EU control remains, and can we trust government to see the vote through?

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EU acts the bully

22 February 2022

The EU is trying to bully the governments of EU members Hungary and Poland into accepting EU policies, using using the European Court of Justice to do so.