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It's not a deal. It's a trap. Reject it.

19 October 2019

All together now? Boris Johnson and Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission in Brussels on 17 October. Photo Jennifer Jacquemart/European Commission.

The prime minister says “Let‘s get Brexit done” but the deal he is bringing before Parliament is not Brexit. It is in fact a treaty which restricts our independence in multiple ways including our military independence. It demands payment of an unspecified sum and imposes punitive laws on the UK during a transition which is likely to be extended until mid-2022.

The accompanying Political Declaration will restrict our independence in many policy areas including trade, tax, fishing, foreign policy, environment, social and employment policy, and state aid. 

This deal is the very opposite of taking control of our borders, money and laws while protecting our economy, security and Union. It’s a trap.

Who knows what decision this remain parliament will take on 19 October?  What matters is that we as a sovereign people reject this “deal”. The people want to leave the EU.