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Seize control! Ditch the deal!

26 November 2018

This weekend Prime Minister Theresa May came out as the EU’s agent in Britain. In a desperate “open letter” to the British people, she stated (without any attempt to back her assertion) that her withdrawal deal delivers on our vote to leave the EU – in fact it does the opposite.

Under her deal, the EU would keep control of our laws, money, borders and waters. The extent of the betrayal was clear, when the next day it took the 27 EU leaders just 38 minutes to agree it – then it was kisses all round.

‘Another day, another surrender. It is a rolling Munich.’

She betrays the fishermen, who have fought so long and so hard for their industry’s future, after all her promises never to betray them. She betrays the people of Northern Ireland, after all her promises that no British Prime Minister could ever sign a deal that treated them differently from the people of Britain. Now she sells out the people of Gibraltar. Another day, another surrender. It is a rolling Munich.

May’s deal would seal us into the EU’s single market and its customs union. Worse, it would trap us without an exit and without any say, a far worse deal than our previous membership terms.

What catastrophe?

Her tactic now is to terrify with the spectre of a No Deal “catastrophe” – talk of crashing out, cliff edges, market collapses. All those who enthusiastically joined in George Osborne’s Project Fear before the referendum are back with a vengeance. They were proved wrong then and they are wrong now. 

The British people who voted to leave the EU didn’t believe them then and will not now. There will be hard times, but much much worse if we remain entangled in the claws of the EU. 

We demand the Brexit we voted for: leave on 29 March, keep the country united, keep our £39 billion, and trade with its members on World Trade Organization terms, as we and others trade with the rest of the world. We voted for independence, and nothing less will do.

But it is no good sitting back in silence and relying on Parliament and parliamentary parties to carry out Brexit for us. They don’t believe in it. 

We voted to take control, to take responsibility. Now we must make our demand loud and clear again, force them to carry out what they undertook to do – and make it clear that whatever happens we will not give up.

Ditch the deal. May must go.