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We must go

We must leave the EU on 29 March 2019. It’s what Britain voted for in June 2016 and that decision must be carried out. 

No ifs, no buts. No trumped up deals either. A clean break with the EU gives us a wonderful opportunity to seize the control we need to decide our own future. We must demonstrate our belief in an independent Britain. 

How do we assert independence? Here are just four ways:

  • We can choose democratically how we run our country. Make our own decisions about policy, and how much the government should intervene in the economy. 
  • We can sell goods and services anywhere in the world, with no need for permission from anyone. A clean break is simply a reversion to established World Trade Organization rules.
  • National government, local authorities, our businesses and services can plan for independence, using the £39 billion to support or compensate workers and businesses where needed.
  • We can unite our whole country behind a programme for progress.

Yet Project Fear has become Project Absurd Hysteria. We are seeing the lengths taken by the EU’s master, international capital, to block us, via our shambolic politicians. 

A Remainer ruling class

Remainers all, the Prime Minister, the Chancellor, most of the House of Commons, the House of Lords, the Treasury, the Foreign Office, the Bank of England and the BBC – in sum, a Remainer ruling class – have worked together to try to thwart our instruction to leave.

They have all backed May’s treacherous deal, a trap giving the EU a veto over our country’s future. She has a season ticket to Brussels to beg for titbits. At least Neville Chamberlain only met Hitler in Munich the once.

The proposed legally binding Withdrawal Agreement hands over Northern Ireland to the EU, and throws open the door to Scottish separatism. And it binds us into the EU, whose deputy chief negotiator Sabine Weyand commented, “They [Britain] must align their rules, but the EU will retain all the controls”. 

So in the weeks leading up to 29 March the forces for progress must be prepared for collective action to rebuff every tactic that will be deployed to keep us in the EU.

The path of national sovereignty we’ve chosen is not easy. There will be difficulties, especially in the initial years. But these pale into insignificance against the prospect of remaining shackled to a declining European Union which is desperately trying to grab more and more centralising powers in the impossible attempt to manage the growing roar of rejection from its own member citizens. 

Away with dismal defeatism! We can be confident – it’s in our hands.