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Get real! Doctors will need to turn 7-day anger into action

16 August 2015

Last month health secretary Jeremy Hunt told doctors to “get real” over the need for “proper seven-day service” in the NHS. Whether those two small words were a deliberate attempt to antagonise, there is no question about the mood of doctors.

RAF pilots join US-inspired bombing in Syria

27 July 2015

RAF pilots have taken part in NATO bombing missions in Syria. This is in breach of the August 2013 Parliamentary vote against any British military involvement in Syria – but in support of US strategy.

Financial Times sold to Japanese company

26 July 2015

Publishing group Pearson is selling the Financial Times Group to Japanese firm Nikkei for £844 million – sending another famous British firm into foreign ownership.

Plans to tighten the euro noose

20 July 2015

Even as negotiations with Greece were continuing in June, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, released a report calling for closer monetary and political union.

Why we are striking: Tube workers speak out

10 July 2015

Members of Aslef and RMT picketing on 9 July told cpbml.org.uk why they were on strike. The dispute is about working conditions, not pay, associated with the proposed 24-hour operation of the tube.

EasyJet cabin crew ballot over pay

7 July 2015

Cabin crews at the airline easyJet are to be balloted for industrial action by their union, Unite, following a breakdown in negotiations over pay for over 2,000 cabin crew at 11 bases throughout Britain.

Companies in merger frenzy

5 July 2015

The past two years have seen a significant rise in the volume of company mergers and acquisitions across the world – a straw in the wind of the next crash?

RMT support solid in Scottish ferry dispute

28 June 2015

Ferry workers halted sailings to islands on the west coast of Scotland, taking action against the threat to wages, standards and jobs arising from an EU-enforced privatisation process.

Budgeting for decline

Chancellor George Osborne will deliver another government budget on 8 July. Familiarity with the themes of “austerity” and “balancing the books” should not blind us to what is going on behind the figures

Union rights restored

In the week leading up to the general election the London Borough of Wandsworth restored deduction of trade union subscriptions from payroll and returned to the Local Government national agreement they had torn up nearly 35 years ago.

Home working on the rise

22 June 2015

Workwise, which organised the tenth “National Work from Home Day” on 5 June, estimates that there are more than 4.2 million people in Britain working from home. That’s not good news.

Higher education union ballots on 'final' pay offer

16 June 2015

University and College Union members in higher education across Britain are currently being consulted on the “full and final” offer for 2015-16 made to the union by the University and Colleges Employers Association.

Sheffield bakery staff into second day of strike

16 June 2015

Workers in the food industry union BFAWU today enter the second day of their 48-hour strike at Gunstones factory, Sheffield, following the employer’s decision to force through a pay freeze.