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Labour's Brexit betrayal

2 October 2018

Labour has aligned itself with those in Westminster who want to betray Britain, betray the trust that people put in the referendum process, and betray democracy itself. 

Honour the Vote

Wednesday 26 September 2018 19:00

Wednesday 26 September, 7pm

Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AF

Organised through Invoke Democracy Now. Tickets (£2 to £3) available via Eventbrite.

Is Britain going to leave the EU in name only? This meeting aims to rally democrats to defend democracy and uphold the democratic mandate to leave the EU.

Brexit: The road to freedom

Wednesday 17 October 2018 19:30

CPBML/Workers Public Meeting, Wednesday 17 October, 7.30 pm

Bertrand Russell Room, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

Britain has a skilled and literate workforce, an exceptional research base and abundant energy resources. Free from the shackles of the EU, what can we not achieve? Come and discuss. All welcome.

EU drifts into budget crisis

11 August 2018

The ailing bloc faces an overall £18 billion budget shortfall, most of it due to Brexit. But it still plans to spend more.

Walk away

11 June 2018

The tangled Brexit negotiations are designed to trap us in the EU net. But there is a solution: the government must walk away from the table.

EU flounders over R&D and Brexit

9 June 2018

In research and development (as in so many other things) the European Union desperately needs to cooperate with Britain. It’s time we realised its weakness.

Fears hyped over US steel tariffs

8 June 2018

Remain-backing MP Stephen Kinnock is trying to use new US steel tarrifs to damage Brexit – but the real danger to Britain’s steel comes from Brussels.

Brexit: Stop the Sabotage!

Tuesday 17 July 2018 19:30

CPBML Public Meeting, Tuesday 17 July, 7.30 pm [NB: change of date]

Brockway Room, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

Brexit is in danger. Across the establishment, in the Commons and the Lords, those who wish to defy the democratic mandate of the EU referendum are turning from obstruction to sabotage. They will do anything to keep Britain in the EU. And they must be stopped. Come and discuss. All welcome.

Boats 'transition' protest

Fishermen brought about 200 fishing vessels to six ports around the coast on Sunday 8 April to stage mass demonstrations against the government’s “transition” arrangements allowing the EU to control British waters until 2020.