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False hopes

It’s time to stop magical thinking, time to allow experience to conquer false hope. Our ailing class doesn't need a witch doctor. It needs the evidence-based medicine of materialist thought.

The prospect of Jeremy Corbyn being elected Leader of the Labour Party is frightening the dullards of social democracy. In bored desperation, many workers attached to the compromising philosophy have turned to the “radical” candidate.

Why do we refuse to acknowledge that the “left” end of the idealist spectrum always fails to deliver? Look at Greece. The people elect a “radical left” government and vote in a referendum to reject the EU elimination of sovereignty. Within a very short space of time their chosen saviour had bowed his head before the capitalist order.

He could do no other without rejecting capitalism. He was not elected to do that as the Greek people wanted to remain part of the euro. He had to fail.

We will never make any progress while we hold on to the pipe dream of social progress via compromise with capitalism. Can the pain of taking responsibility be worse than consequences like this? Clearly not.

We have no saviours but ourselves. It’s time to accept the responsibility for eliminating capitalism by ourselves, for ourselves.