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Take control

Last year the people of Britain stood up. We voted to end our membership of the EU, to make our own decisions without the EU telling us what to do. We said no to a European political union, to an ever more centralised and undemocratic state.

The shockwave of Brexit echoed around the world, and the ripples are still spreading. We showed the way, proving that it is indeed possible to roll back the attack on nation states, stop the juggernaut of finance capitalism. 


By saying no to the EU in the referendum, we ripped a giant hole in the EU’s credibility. Like the boy who said that the emperor had no clothes, we have exposed the EU as the enemy of the people that it is. Now former Remainers are falling over themselves to say they were wrong – from historian Niall Ferguson to former Conservative chairman Grant Shapps.

Conservation organisations are lining up to press the opportunities of Brexit to safeguard our natural heritage. Even Brexit’s opponents in academia have been silenced (somewhat) by the government’s massive boost to R&D funding.

The contagion spread. In December Italians voted by a massive majority to dismiss the plans of europhile prime minister Matteo Renzi, a man who had not even been elected to parliament and was inserted into office on the instructions of the EU. It capped a bad year for Brussels, and with any luck this year should be even worse. The EU “project” is on the rocks – excellent news for the peoples of Europe.

‘Brexit is still, of course, unfinished business.’

Brexit is still, of course, unfinished business. Who knows what the Supreme Court will decide? It ought to rule in the government’s favour. After all, Britain joined the EU (or the EEC as it was then known) in 1972 without an act of parliament. Why require one to leave it?

In June 2015 Philip Hammond, then foreign secretary, moved the second reading of the referendum bill saying, as Hansard records, “…we should all be able to agree on the simple principle that the decision about our membership should be taken by the British people, not by Whitehall bureaucrats, certainly not by Brussels Eurocrats; not even by Government Ministers or parliamentarians in this Chamber. The decision must be for the common sense of the British people.”


The question was asked, and in such clear terms that surely even judges can understand it: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?” And the decision was made. 
We didn’t vote for a “hard” Brexit or a “soft” Brexit, or any shades of comfort in between. We voted to leave. Full stop. Now all who have the interests of the people at heart must unite to ensure that decision is respected and implemented.

We can leave without anyone’s permission, and we can leave now. The sooner the government acts to start the process of leaving, the better. 

Stop paying, stop obeying. Take control.