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Workers - the force for change

Brexit awakened consciousness about self-determination. Demonstration outside parliament, January 2019. Photo Workers.

Global capitalism warps development across the world. Countries and peoples everywhere become the playthings of billionaires and finance capitalists. Policies and economies serve the capitalist masters rather than meeting the needs of working people, the vast majority. This applies to Britain too.

The 2016 Brexit referendum vote to leave the EU was the first sign that British people were starting to grapple with this. That vote showed an understanding that a nation capable of self-determination is the only effective antidote to global capitalism.

Our EU departure was not as neat and total as it should have been. But it was a crucial beginning. Yet four years into independence, improvements have been small and at the margins. That’s insufficient for a nation desperately requiring a wholesale rebuild.

Largely this lack of progress is because our political establishment was against leaving. And it is still disinclined to do anything that might revive production, develop infrastructure or upskill our people. They prefer instead to keep Britain as close to the stupor of EU regulations as possible. Such an approach won’t reverse the spiral of decline.

There is only one force that can compel change. Us, the working class of Britain. The British ruling class is thoroughly enmeshed within global capitalism: it won’t initiate progress. The mainstream Conservative and Labour parties, with remarkably similar policies, are utterly subservient to Capital.

As workers are the catalyst for radical change, we must not lessen our impact by endlessly chasing election outcomes. Nor should we trail after parties that will never challenge or overturn the failing system. We should never reduce our social pressure or drain away momentum by becoming diverted into that supreme cul de sac, Westminster.

To change the direction of Britain we have to rely on ourselves.

Workers in many industries and services have moved into action on pay and other issues, raising questions about how these sectors need to be developed if they are to meet the needs of the people in the future. Even more millions should join in.

And it is not just up to trade unionists. The working class in Britain is vast. Professional and trade bodies can play a vital role. Those campaigning over single issues such as energy, sewage and water should create permanent active pressure points on poorly functioning parts of the system. The mass of people will always overcome the stifling of the state.

Our working class has the capability to be a transformative force refashioning Britain as a productive, skilled nation. In the process global capitalism will be flushed down the pan.

Self-reliant workers want a self-reliant Britain cast in their own image that works for the people’s interest. A fight for the soul and practice of Britain is under way. Join in!