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News Analyses

US arms spending will start wars

22 April 2024

The USA has worsened the prospects of peace in three regions of the world. It has voted funds for increased military support to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Described as enabling defence and security, this action will escalate already dangerous situations.

A more dangerous world

25 January 2024

The British and US governments are stoking conflict across the world, supporting Israel to continue its war on Gaza. They oppose a ceasefire in Gaza and egg Ukraine on against Russia, ignoring Britain’s needs.

Critical period for UCU members

24 September 2023

Members of the Universities and Colleges Union face difficult choices in continuing their action on pay and conditions in the face of employer resistance.

Britain’s crippling debt

21 August 2023

Government debt headlines when it goes up or when the government says it wants to reduce it. The level of debt has spiralled out of control, and capitalism has no answer.

Health unions make progress

9 March 2023

Health service workers are making progress in their pay dispute now that the government is talking to all unions directly about NHS England pay.

US and NATO eye China

9 February 2023

The risk of war is increasing in China as well as Europe. The US and NATO are talking up China as a threat, and upping their military spending and actvity.

Cumbria coal mine goes ahead

9 December 2022

The government has finally given the go-ahead for a coal mine in Cumbria which provide high-grade coal for steelmaking. It needs to stick with the decision.

Call this control? A budget for decline

26 September 2022

The new government’s economic policies continue those of the past – with a belief in capitalism as the only possible economic system, whose crises must be paid for by the people of Britain.

COP26 – politics and hypocrisy

16 November 2021

The UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow talked a lot about ending all reliance on fossil fuels. But modern society depends on them to feed, clothe, warm itself, and to provide security, education, health and culture.

Financial distortions in the NHS

22 July 2021

Two years after the event, it has taken a court order to reveal that NHS trust lost over £360,000 through the cancellation of a music festival. It’s a symptom of much that is wrong within the NHS

Free speech has to be defended

28 May 2021

The report into events at Batley Grammar School in March has lifted supensions on the teachers involved. But it does not deal with the threat to free speech and educations posed by the fundamentalist demonstrations.

Universal Basic Income - no solution

20 May 2021

A universal basic income sounds nice and fair, but behind the superficial attractiveness is the flawed concept that the future for our society will not involve productive work for all.

Nurses: stop the poaching!

20 May 2021

In the midst of a global pandemic, what is a country like Britain doing importing nurses from India, itself in desperate need of medical staff? 

Setback for separatists

16 May 2021

The much-trumpeted “super-majority” for Scottish separatists never materialised when the SNP and the Alba Party faced the voters last week.