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Article 50: A day to celebrate

29 March 2017

A statement from the Communist Party of Britain Marxist-Leninist

Today the government gave formal notice that Britain will depart from the EU once and for all time. On 23 June 2016 we declared our intention to Leave. Now Article 50 has been invoked and the clock is ticking.

We are throwing off the shackles of the misnamed European Union, which seeks only to dictate and deny sovereignty. By March 2019 we must be out.

This day is truly one to celebrate.

In 1975 the British people did not believe we could run our own affairs. The referendum vote then was by more than 2 to 1 to throw in our lot with the European Economic Community, to ask it to please manage Britain for us (actually, for its own interests). Last June this woeful decision was finally reversed.

The people have shown we want a sovereign Britain. We have declared confidence in ourselves to determine the country’s future without any instruction from Brussels or Berlin.

We know that we can and must control our economy, our laws, our borders, and we expect the government to act accordingly. There can be no backsliding, no fudges. Only full independence will do. Push aside any who still wish to block it.

The blockers are fewer and fewer but they are dangerous enemies of the people and the country. They want to hand us back to foreign control. All who desire a successful Britain must unite to see this through, engage in the discussion and planning for the future, and act to carry it out.