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Billions available for war

The government has already committed a massive £12 billion to carrying on the war since February 2022. According to the House of Commons Library, £7.1 billion of this has been directly for military assistance.

In January Rishi Sunak hopped over to Kyiv to pledge a further £2.5 billion of military funding for the current financial year, an increase of £200 million over the previous two years.

Some £200 million is earmarked for the purchase of “surveillance, long-range strike and sea drones”. This will make Britain the biggest supplier of drones to Ukraine, a government post on the web boasted in January this year.

Britain’s military aid to Ukraine exceeds even that of the EU, which has allocated 11.1 billion euros (£9.5 billion) of support through its so-called European Peace Facility for “non-lethal and lethal arms and training”, according to the House of Commons Library. It is the first time the EU as a bloc has authorised the sale of weapons to a third country.

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