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Leaving the EU: A practical guide to action

18 March 2019

Campaigning outside the Houses of Parliament, 27 February 2019. Photo Workers.

What practical steps can we take to spread the fight to leave the European Union?  These are just some of the ideas circulated by a Pro-Brexit activist in London.

“Here are some ways in which each and every one of us can continue the fight for Democracy and Brexit. 

None of us can do every single one. But we all have strengths. Each of us can do at least one of these. And each small action contributes to making a mighty wave. 

  • Support and encourage those MP s who are truly standing firm to honour the votes of the 17.4 million majority, e.g. send them a brief email, a letter or card of thanks and support
  • Attend meetings and rallies organised by Brexit-supporting groups – by being there you will draw strength from being with fellow-Brexiteers and Democracy supporters 
and give back strength to your fellows – and by showing others your support you will be effectively encouraging others to join – thus swelling the ranks and demonstrating to opponents that we are not cowed or despondent or giving up.
  • If you can, join in the March to Leave (see below) – whether for a 1-day stage, several stages, or the final stage to Parliament Square.
  • Socialise and exchange ideas at meetings of your local Leavers of Britain group, e.g. Leavers of London; there are branches around the country – groups of 
Leavers who have signed up to Leavers of Britain – so if you’re not in London there’s likely to be a group near you – but if not, set up a social group and contact Leavers of Britain for more help and support with publicity, etc.
  • Do you have a printer at home or in your office? If so, you can download and print off pro-Brexit and pro-Democracy leaflets (see https://facts4eu.org/) Of course, if 
you’re really clever, you can design leaflets yourself. You can then pop them through people’s letterboxes in your neighbouring streets; or you can take them with you to give out to onlookers when you’re on marches and demos; or go with a few like-minded friends to, for example, the local market and give them out to people there.
  • Support the various Brexit campaigning organisations by joining them or sending a contribution (see some listed below). None of these organisations have the deep 
pockets of George Soros, Raymond Rudd, Tony Blair – or any of the other wealthy individuals and global corporate companies which are supporting and funding Continuity Remain, People’s Vote, etc. 
  • Phone in to the various phone-in programmes. Decide what point you want to make; make sure you’ve checked out your facts in support; keep to your point; 
don’t worry if the “host” tries to bully you – keep calm and the audience will recognise you’re being bullied and will be sympathetic; try not to get angry and shouty. 

  • Are you a member of a political party? decide to only support those MP s who have honourably and faithfully tried to honour the democratic vote of the majority – and 
not to give any support to those MPs who have betrayed the majority vote; consider whether you want to go on giving any funding (other than your membership fee) or work.
  • Not a member of a political party? consider whether to show support for, or join, an organisation committed to delivering on our democratic vote – whether that’s a nascent political party or a pro-Brexit organisation which is politically active.
  • Above all, stay true to your beliefs, keep up the fight and keep smiling. Avoid sinking into the glums – keep chirpy and healthy, because we need every single one of us to do our bit.”
  • March to Leave, 16 – 29 March, Sunderland to London : https://www.marchtoleave.com/ 
and route details: https://www.marchtoleave.com/route

Look out for local Leavers groups near you by checking https://leaversofbritain.co.uk/

Resources for active campaigning can be found at https://facts4eu.org/