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Libraries lose purpose

4 August 2022

A controversial series of children’s story readings are only part of the underlying story of decline of children's library services in Britain.

Student loan burden grows

17 July 2022

British students pay heavily for their loans because of high interest rates and flat wages meaning graduates don't make substantial repayments.

Switzerland tilts towards NATO

17 July 2022

NATO is rapidly expanding its influence in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Switzerland, legally a neutral country, is one of those being drawn into NATO influence.

Brewing pay fight

15 July 2022

Workers at Budweiser’s Samlesbury brewery are in a continuing dispute over pay. They are strking again in response to an offer well below inflation.

Barristers walk out over legal aid pay

29 June 2022

Hundreds of criminal barristers began a series of strikes on 27 June over unacceptable pay rates for legal aid cases. The action has already led to eight out of ten crown court hearings being postponed.

Airport delays – the real reasons

14 June 2022

Airline travellers have suffered several months of cancellations and long delays at airports, which look set to continue. This is a crisis of the industry's making.

Tube disputes escalate

9 June 2022

The tube in London was shut down on 6 June by ongoing disputes with tube workers. Station and revenue control staff were on strike against job cuts and attacks on their pensions.

Cuba battles against US social media subversion

27 May 2022

Elizabeth Ribalta Rubiero of The Cuban Friendship Institute is visiting Britain to give an update about the situation in Cuba as the country emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, with the 60-year US blockade still in place.

Fish take away

18 May 2022

Fish and chips, once an affordable take-away meal, is becoming more and more expensive, underlining what’s wrong with Britain’s food policy.

Maternity wards close in Wales

17 May 2022

Expectant mothers in South Wales face uncertainty about midwifery services. Fine words from the health board aren't going to help.

Energy – capitalist failures

16 May 2022

Deregulation of energy supply is a costly failure for British consumers. But some of those responsible for the failed businesses just walk away and start up new ones.

Private school pension action wins

16 May 2022

Teachers in independent schools have taken successful industrial action in thier fight to stay in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme. Employers argued they could no longer afford increased contributions.

British military aid floods into Ukraine

3 May 2022

Arms continue to pour into Ukraine and bordering countries – and Britain is one of the biggest suppliers, though the government is evasive when challenged for details.

Strike ballot at Richmond college

2 May 2022

Lecturers at Richmond upon Thames College are balloting over strike action over the employer’s plan to fire them all and offer re-engagment on worse terms.