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Local government: destroying jobs

Entrance to Oxfordshire Country Council, New Road, Oxford. Photo Robin Sones (CC-BY-SA 2.0)

The widespread onslaught on local jobs and services continues, as the government’s false economies grind on.

Between 600 and 900 jobs could be axed by Oxfordshire County Council as part of plans for a major structural overhaul, according to a plan published at the end of August.

Council leader Ian Hudspeth said the changes would reduce administration costs and protect frontline services. The move is estimated to save £34 to £58 million a year over five years after a one-off cost of up to £18 million to implement the new model.

Somerset County Council has proposed cutting more than 100 jobs and major services so it can balance its books. The council has begun a consultation on 130 redundancies and is proposing cutbacks to highways, public transport and special needs services. The authority needed to save £19.5 million in 2017/18, but only made cuts of £11.1 million.