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Nautilus’s Charter for Jobs

Nautilus banner outside the TUC union rights rally, Central Hall, London, 2 November 2015. Photo Workers.

  1. Provide 100 per cent financial support for the cost of training UK-resident seafarers to avoid a serious maritime skills shortage within the next decade.
  2. Review ship-owner tax relief schemes (Tonnage Tax), so the UK remains attractive to owners whilst promoting the training and employment of UK-resident seafarers.
  3. Maximise the employment of British seafarers in UK shipping.
  4. Develop a national maritime strategy with support from trade unions, government and industry.
  5. Invest in UK maritime education and training so Britain retains its world-leading status.
  6. End support for the Red Ensign Group of registers and encourage British ship owners to return to the UK Ship Register.
  7. Improve the system for issuing foreign seafarers with Certificates of Equivalent Competency (CEC) to deliver more opportunities for British seafarers.
  8. Apply the National Minimum Wage (and the National Living Wage) and the Equality Act to all vessels engaged in UK waters.
  9. Promote the employment of UK-resident seafarers on routes between UK ports including the North Sea offshore sector.
  10. Maintain all existing health, safety, environmental and employment legislation following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

• The full text of the Charter for Jobs is available at www.nautilusint.org

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