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What’s in the bill?

Industrial action. New restrictions on the right to strike, including a 50 per cent voting threshold for union ballot turnouts, plus in some “essential public services” 40 per cent of those entitled to vote must vote for industrial action. Doubling of the 7-day notice of action to employers; limit of 4 months in which action must be taken following a ballot.

Further restriction on the number of pickets and their location. Agency workers allowed to be brought in as scabs.

Political funds. Individual members to have to opt in. Regulation of political spending to be much broader than funding for political parties.

Facility time for union reps. Government regulation of its extent and its proportion of any local authority's pay bill. Employers required to publish details on any time they pay for.

New certification officer. In charge of policing the requirements of the act, the certification officer will have powers to appoint inspectors to investigate unions and to impose financial penalties.

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