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What are Londoners like?

  • The average Londoner today is almost five years younger than the UK average.
  • Over a third were born abroad, but more than three-quarters of Londoners are estimated to be British citizens.
  • London’s population is the most ethnically diverse in Britain, though that varies hugely by borough. And it is the most religiously diverse region of Britain.
  • One in five count a language other than English as their main language compared to one in 20 in the rest of England and Wales.
  • About 300 different languages are spoken by children in the capital’s schools.
  • Almost one in 20 Londoners were of mixed ethnicity at the time of the 2011 census.
  • Poverty is much higher in London than in the rest of Britain. A third of all inner London residents, and nearly a quarter in outer London, are in poverty.
  • Staggeringly, around 1.2 million of those in poverty live in a working family,  an increase of 70 per cent in a decade.
  • According to opinion polls, lots of residents identify as Londoners ahead of being British or English, indicating a weakness in national identity and commitment.

How can more be moved to think that they are part of Britain?

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