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Walkout at Stagecoach South West

17 October 2021

The RMT has announced that strike action on Stagecoach buses in the South West goes ahead tomorrow as part of the fight for pay justice for bus workers.

Free speech and open discussion under attack

16 October 2021

Increasingly, media ownership and a growing unwillingness among a minority to tolerate diversity of thought are threatening open debate for our class. It’s an unwelcome and damaging development…

The value of academic freedom

14 October 2021

Extreme anti-feminist activists at the University of Sussex have waged a campaign of harassment and threats against a distinguished analytic philosopher, Professor Kathleen Stock, demanding in posters and social media posts that the university sack her.

Refinery workers vote for action on pay and pensions

7 October 2021

Essar has picked a dispute at Stanlow refinery during a petrol panic, trying to go back on a pay deal and worsen pensions – provoking a furious and united response from the refinery workers, members of the Unite union.

Afghanistan – one woman's positivity

22 September 2021

Tucked away in the columns of the Daily Telegraph on 15 September, though not widely reported elsewhere, was a little gem of a story about one woman in Afghanistan and her determination to be optimistic.

Still no plan for energy

22 September 2021

This government’s refusal to plan for Britain to be self-reliant in energy has produced a crisis of soaring prices, disrupted gas supplies and domestic steel and other essential manufacturing output compromised.

AUKUS: the path to war

18 September 2021

The USA, Britain and Australia announced a new security pact on 15 September. Known as AUKUS, it is intended to set the direction and focus of Britain’s foreign and security policy for the long term.