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Keep Britain united

Glasgow, 25 June 2016, two days after the EU referendum: standing up against separatism. Photo Workers.

The transition period is seen by the EU and their separatist allies in Britain as an opportunity for splitting Britain. Too many people don’t recognise the importance of national unity for the development of a thriving Britain. We cannot afford this attitude of not caring, and we must stop the separatists.

Once again the Scottish National Party is calling for another “independence” referendum and calling for Scotland to re-join the EU. The CPBML has just produced a series of challenging questions to all those who push this position (see News, page 4). 

For years the EU has pushed its European Committee of the Regions (which views Wales, Scotland etc as regions) which has fostered separatism as another way to attack the nation state. So this renewed attack should surprise no one.

During Britain’s difficult months since the June 2016 referendum the EU has been keen to invite the SNP to Brussels to see what mischief can be achieved. Similar mischief makers are talking up independence for Wales – but not acknowledging that the Welsh Nationalist Party share of the vote actually declined to less than 10 per cent in the December general election.

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