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Fishing: 5 red lines

Fishing for Leave (ffl.org.uk) has posted its key demands for the future organisation of fishing in British waters:

1 Any fisheries agreement must only be on a strictly annual basis. Sir Humphry mustn’t have the chance to make the temporary permanent.

2 Any access and quota swaps under a limited annual agreement must only be granted when the UK receives a reciprocal value of fishing opportunities in return.

3 The UK must take the automatic repatriation of our rightful share of quotas  under the international principle of Zonal Attachment  – where nations have quotas based on the predominance of species in their waters.

4 The EU recognising Zonal Attachment must be the pre-condition of any limited annual access. The EU must cut its cloth to reflect loss of UK waters in order to obey [the] UNCLOS requirement to fish its available waters/resources sustainably.

5 Government must not yield to EU threats on fisheries access for markets. The EU is highly dependent on UK seafood exports and financial services. No other nation trades fishing for trade. Words are one thing, delivery another! Best of luck Boris Johnson – don’t cave [in] and let us down.

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