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Prepare for struggle

Workers make change happen. SOS NHS demo March 2023, London, calling for better pay and securing the future of the service. Photo Workers.

Workers looking for real change will not find it from the July general election. Whatever result we wake up to, the tasks for our class will still be the same. Workers have nothing to gain from a change of party in government.

The working class is the only force for progress. All it has to do is accept that challenge. And change is needed. Britain needs independence, peace, unity of nation, jobs, industry, food, energy, transport, houses, health, education, culture and more.

We don’t need war, division between workers, mass immigration, run down of industry, agriculture and public services, destruction of the natural environment, export of jobs and sale of businesses abroad – or a return to the EU.

All electoral parties support war abroad and oppression of workers at home. All support mass immigration and the break-up of Britain. They talk progress and change, but their policies amount to more of the same. Voting only lends authority to their anti-working class policies.

With nothing to offer, parliamentary politicians resort to distortion and distraction. Trivial issues are elevated over major ones. Debate is constrained and discussion limited. Individualism is all and collective action demonised. Any division is celebrated – except that between workers and capitalists.

Workers may think about a vote against separatism. But the Scottish National Party is mortally wounded, and it is Labour in Wales that wants more power for devolved assemblies – in England too. We are one British people, with common problems: we need a common response to them.

Parliament does not run the economy, financial markets do. Politicians are powerless to make the changes Britain needs. Once the election has passed, promises will be broken, blamed on the previous government, feckless workers, wicked businesses, Russia, China, the weather – any excuse will do. This is described as “elective dictatorship” – usually by the government’s opponents in parliament. Workers cannot afford to wait five years for another bout of no choice sham hustings, or hope that regional elections offer some prospect of change.

Workers cannot afford to believe that they are also powerless, to mirror the cynicism of their would-be rulers. The working class has a world to win, starting with putting its own house in order.

We know what is needed, in every industry, in every town and city. It’s time for a true workers’ manifesto – setting out what Britain needs and how to go about it.

Never mind who sits where in Westminster, we need to prepare for struggle! Wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself. It’s up to us.

• This is an expanded version of the editorial published online shortly after the general election was called.