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The road to a new industrial revolution

• Britain to be based upon advanced manufacturing – the “new” industries – aerospace; silicon electronics; plastics / printed electronics; industrial biotechnology; composites and nanotechnology; the digital economy and life sciences. In 2010 manufacture created over £160 billion in wealth.

Aerospace – the UK has 25 per cent of the global market, second only to the USA. 112,000 workers, £22.3 billion turnover, 600 employers.

• Strengthen research and development – three quarters of UK research and development goes into manufacturing. Reshape further and higher education to enhance industry and production.

• Massively invest, re-equip in engineering construction – the key to all modern infrastructure. Literally rebuild Britain’s infrastructure of roads, rail, airports, docks.

Textiles – 1 million workers in mid-1980s, now 10,000, in high-end market niche. A skilled, inventive and talented industry. Britain to dress the world?

Energy industries – re-create an integrated diverse energy supply industry, self-reliant and independent. Re-create the industrial capacity required to build, maintain and renew such industry. No energy means no industrial society.

• Redefine financial and professional services – accountancy, legal, housing and property, architectural and engineering services. What is required? Service for whom?

• Redefine the new digital economy – employing 1.57 million workers in 2010. Delivering telecommunications infrastructure, the online environment plus media, film, animation, music etc. 2.5 million workers in technology occupations.

Life sciences and pharmaceuticals – pharmaceuticals, medical technology, biotechnology, biology, chemistry, maths, chemical engineering etc. Cuba has vastly developed these industries in the service of the people of Cuba and the world. We could do the same.

Health and social care – ensuring the health and well-being of the people of Britain from cradle to grave. Re-establish social care rather than personal care; rebuild the NHS as fit for purpose.

• Redefine the retail sector – employs 2.8 million workers. End the domination of supermarket monopolies.

• Redefine tourism, hospitality, leisure, a sector which employs nearly 3 million workers and is expected to supplant manufacturing wealth creation, reaching £188 billion per annum by 2020. Don’t just cater to parasitic tourism and the idle rich.

Low carbon industrial strategy. From car scrappage, to clean coal technology, CO2 storage etc. The potential basis of old industrial skills applied to a new work environment.

High energy-intensive users – iron, steel, aluminium, cement, pulp and paper, and chemicals – employing over 222,000 workers, the industrial backbone of future regeneration.

• Massive reinvestment in education at every level.

National direction, control and planning. Streamline industries and work. Publish Britain’s first five year plan.


Investment, skills, education, education for life, jobs for life, wealth creation for the people – a new industrial revolution but this time ours.


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