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Faith in schools

15 January 2018

The government is doing little to curb religious segregation and the influence of faith schools. The new education secretary is a supporter of religious segregation. The chief inspector of schools says more powers are needed to tackle illegal faith schools.

England's Break from Rome (1532-40)

29 October 2016

The English Reformation evolved from the need of Henry VIII to divorce. Such a relatively trivial episode in led to a process that ultimately brought the total reconstruction of political power and social attitudes in England.

Children forced into Sikh free school

1 May 2015

Parents in Leeds have been shocked to discover that their local authority has allocated places to their children in a Sikh free school, despite their not having chosen the school.

Special school site handed over to religious academy

4 January 2015

The government has ordered Leeds City Council to hand over a £1 million former primary school site where it had been looking to build a special school – gratis and without compensation – to a Sikh academy.