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Doctors to strike over pay

22 February 2023

Junior doctors have voted overwhelmingly to strike in support of their campaign for full pay restoration. They join many other NHS workers fighting for better pay.

Nurses plan to escalate action

22 February 2023

Nurses in England were called on by the RCN to take national strike action for the first time. This is paused for last minute talks with the government.

“Net Zero” plans in disarray

16 February 2023

The government’s net zero strategy continues to falter. Last year the High Court said its failure to produce evidence for the policy was in breach of the law, it shows no sign of relasing the data.

Physiotherapists’ first-time strike

16 February 2023

Physiotherapists and support workers at over 60 NHS Trusts across England began a rolling programme of strikes on 26 January in pursuit of their pay claim – the first time they have ever taken strike action.


Pay cuts continue

16 February 2023

Households are suffering the worst squeeze in real incomes since 1945. Real pay fell by 2.5 per cent the last quarter of 2022.

Teachers’ strikes for pay begin

14 February 2023

Teachers in the (NEU) joined other public sector workers on strike on 1 February. National Education Union members held the first of six days planned strike action throughout England and Wales.

Strike action hits Diageo Leven plant

13 February 2023

Engineering workers at Diageo’s Leven plant in Fife took strike action over the first weekend in February in an escalating dispute over pay. They face pay cuts from changes to pay introduced unilaterally by the company.

Energy workers in struggle

11 February 2023

Offshore oil workers on two BP platforms are taking action on pay and rotas. Other energy sector workers, both offshore and onshore, are pressing their own pay claims.

Deadly consequences of failure to treat early

28 January 2023

A major study shows that the rush to prevent deaths from Covid-19 raised the risk of dying from the more well known killers of undiagnosed high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Big wins at Luton airport

28 January 2023

Luton airport staff have won a 28 per cent pay rise as union activity in the private sector accelerates. 

Fast track strike

25 January 2023

The pay struggle in the civil service is spreading. PCS members in several departments are striking, other areas are likely to follow.

Devolution dividing Britain

25 January 2023

The government’s drive to divide Britain is gathering pace with a devolution deal for the North East of England, and the second round of “levelling up” funding for councils across the country.

School strikes ahead after big vote for action

20 January 2023

School teachers in England and Wales, members of the National Education Union (NEU), have voted to take industrial action over pay. Strikes, both national and regional, are set to affect 23,000 schools.

Government again fails to put British steel jobs first

13 January 2023

Up to 440 British steel jobs are at risk as the government fails to exploit the opportunities presented by Brexit, fails to deal with massive increase in energy costs to industry, and betrays Britain’s steel workers.

Map reveals scale of sewage dumping...in real time

7 January 2023

After growing pressure from campaigners and the public, England’s biggest water company has created what it calls a “near real-time” interactive map – showing the scale of its sewage dumping.