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Nurses blow away the government fig leaf

17 December 2022

Nurses held a national pay strike on 15 December, the first ever in the history of the Royal College of Nursing, with another to follow on the 20th. So far the government is avoiding meaningful negotiations.

Civil servants fight for decent pay rise

10 December 2022

Government workers across several areas will be on strike this month for better pay. After years of pay restraint they have decided that they have little choice but to act.

Flooring workers win 9 per cent rise

10 December 2022

Workers at vinyl flooring manufacturer Polyflor in Bury, Manchester, have won a pay increase of 9 per cent plus two lump sums of £660 – after originally being offered just 2 per cent.

Nurses to strike – a big step

8 December 2022

Nurses are about to take strike action for better pay. This is a significant step and the first time the Royal College of Nursing has called a national strike.

Unprecedented strike action sweeps universities

27 November 2022

Three days of strike action are hitting virtually every university in the country, with action on 24, 25 and 30 November in the biggest walkout that the University and College Union has ever taken.

Instituto Cervantes workers strike 

22 November 2022

Administrative staff at the Instituto Cervantes centres in Britain – the Spanish government’s cultural centre abroad – took strike action for better pay and conditions on Friday 18 November. 

RMT fight on

17 November 2022

Rail workers, members of RMT, have voted overwhelmingly to continue industrial action to defend their living standards, jobs and working conditions.

Flooring workers continue pay battle

27 October 2022

Workers in Bury at flooring manufacturer Polyflor are renewing their strike for better pay. The company’s improved offer is still below the level of inflation.

RMT prepares for long battle

23 October 2022

The rail disputes are now nearly six months old, and railway workers and their unions – led by RMT – are now resigned to a long-drawn-out campaign as they fight for the future of their jobs and their industry.

Liverpool dock strike enters second phase

7 October 2022

Over 560 dockers at the Port of Liverpool have just completed the first two-week planned phase of their strike action over pay and conditions. Now more workers are set to join in with fresh action from 11 to 17 October.

Barristers ballot on new offer

6 October 2022

With criminal barristers ramping up their industrial action to all-out strike from the start of September, the government has made an improved offer to try to get the courts back to work in England and Wales.