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Fighting Covid-19

Throughout Britain people are working out for themselves what they can do in the fight against Covid-19. Here are just two examples…

Teachers produce face protectors

In Bury, Greater Manchester, two teachers have been busy making plastic face protectors. Matt Grundy, head of Design and Technology, told the Bury Times he knew that his school had a well equipped technology department and that it would be wrong to leave this idle when it could be put to good use. 

Working with fellow teacher Vicky Craig they put together a design over a couple of days. Using all available materials in the school dozens of face masks were produced and distributed to a local supermarket, care home and funeral parlour. 

The school has appealed to local companies to supply polypropylene between 0.5 and 0.8 millimetres thick so that more masks can be made. Already a local sign-making company has stepped forward.

Mutual aid in Kent

In Kent 23-year-old Francis O’Brien has set up a network to support Covid-19 Mutual Aid Facebook groups. O’Brien used his communications and events skills to ensure that people who need to self-isolate have community support to receive their medicines and shopping.  

Having set up a mutual aid group in his own area, O’Brien was approached by others for advice on how to do the same in their own locality. There are now 15,000 people connected through a network of groups across Kent. Virtually the whole of the county is covered.