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As thinking beings we always try and make sense of the world around us. Dialectics is the tool for appreciating the inner workings of things, events, phenomena, but more importantly, how they change.

Fighting fascism

It is a fact that the only force to defeat fascism is the organised working class. Sometimes in a particular country, as in Britain prior to the Second World War when Mosley was broken, orr internationally – as in the Second World War, when the forces of progress epitomised in the Red Army cleared Europe.

Workers’ nationalism

Britain is composed overwhelmingly of the British working class in all its diversity. Workers are the nation, though the nation is not yet for the working class, nor do all workers yet recognise that their class constitutes the nation.

Unity not devolution

The Communist Party of Britain is for the unity of Britain and against devolution and the fragmentation of a working class.  That unity has been the basis for progress. Now we are under sustained attack from the European Union.

Stand and fight

In the 1980s capitalist crisis our party published a series of pamphlets about the destruction of the means of livelihood for our class. The third of these sold out almost immediately, and we reprint extracts from the beginning and end of it, highly relevant in the present crisis.

Rebuild Britain

For decades, our Party has been saying, ‘Rebuild Britain’. Under a capitalism in absolute decline, the capitalist class has been set on destroying industry as a way to destroy the British working class.

The Future is Ours

Political statement from the Communist Party of Britain Marxist-Leninist, 14th Congress, London April 2006. At the 2003 congress the Party laid out an analysis of the state of Britain and the class which has been utterly borne out by events. The questions for us to consider now are: Where do we go from here? What has changed? How do we strike out for a future?

EU constitution

After the magnificent votes against the EU Constitution in France and Holland, those here who want to try to save the tatters of a Treaty are desperate to deny a similar vote to British workers.