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Only workers in struggle can change Britain

4 July 2024

Parliament: far removed from the mainstream of working class politics. Photo: Workers

The parliamentary election victory for Labour changes very little. And those workers expecting real change by leaving it to others and just voting for it will soon realise that there is no easy route. 

British workers do want change. But 100 years of universal adult suffrage has taught that Parliamentary elections are not the answer. Real change can only be brought about by the working class acting collectively.

Recent years have seen many workers take action to over pay, conditions and the future of their industries. More will join the struggle, thinking of new ways forward, developing new forms of organisation, and using more effectively those they already have like trade unions. 

This is the way forward – the only way forward – for the working class and for Britain.

Sustained attacks 

Few of those who did vote for Labour can really expect the new government to address the problems facing workers – sustained attacks on pay and conditions, creaking and underfunded public services, lack of affordable housing, worsening transport, uncontrolled immigration and the threat of war. 

Britain will remain an enthusiastic member of NATO, and the new government will continue to provide massive support for war in Ukraine and the Middle East, fuelling and escalating conflict elsewhere. 

On the positive side, the trouncing of the separatists in Scotland has dealt a devastating blow to their hopes of another divisive referendum.


Across the country, turnout was the lowest since 2001, and the second lowest for a century. A historic landslide for Labour? For a government which managed to attract the votes of just over 20 per cent of the electorate?

A real historic victory will happen when workers decide to take control, to throw off the shackles of capitalism and run Britain for themselves.