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Who should govern Britain? And how?

Wednesday 6 March 2024 19:30

Wednesday 6 March 2024, 7.30 pm

Bertrand Russell Room, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

There is a contest underway for the soul of Britain. The ruling class manage stagnation and decay; the working class are challenging for a society that meets their needs.

Come and discuss. All welcome. Free entry.

Who should run London?

24 August 2023

The way London is run does not serve its people. Past improvements have given way to the dominance of the City of London and finance capital.

Making people vote in Wales

11 July 2023

Turnout for Senedd Cymru elections is low. Welsh politicians are seeking compulsory voting instead of asking themselves why voters don't bother.

Who should run London?

Thursday 22 June 2023 19:30

Thursday 22 June 2023, 7.30pm

Bertrand Russell Room, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

London was once the “flower of cities all” and a centre of working-class organisation. Now that control has been usurped. How shall we take it back?

All welcome. Free Entry.

No going back!

21 November 2022

This government is toying with reversing the referendum vote to leave the European Union. That will get as far as it thinks the people will allow it to go.

Cuba battles against US social media subversion

27 May 2022

Elizabeth Ribalta Rubiero of The Cuban Friendship Institute is visiting Britain to give an update about the situation in Cuba as the country emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, with the 60-year US blockade still in place.

EU: no friend of workers

9 July 2020

This book lays bare the aims of the EU and its methods. Britain has left the EU, but it is still trying to force its world view on us through the transition period.

1819: The Peterloo Massacre

3 December 2019

Two hundred years ago, 18 people were killed and 654 injured participating in a peaceful rally calling for the reform of a corrupt parliament...

A coup against democracy

13 January 2019

As the delayed vote on Theresa May’s “withdrawal” agreement approaches, it has become increasingly obvious that parliament is planning a coup. 

Unsustainable policies

2 May 2015

This biography of the new SNP leader by David Torrance is well-informed and full of ideas. His is both appreciative and critical of his subject. His objectvity brings out the flaws in the SNP position.