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Principles for Progress

Any worker reflecting on events today will see unbridled US aggression, record job losses in Britain's manufacturing base, chaos in our schools and hospitals, the further undermining of our sovereignty by unceasing European Union integration. This Party considers these problems in the light of these key principles:

  • The world is riven by class — not race, gender, age or disability. There is only one human race, and any ideas that promote divisions between us do the work of capitalism.

  • There are only two classes in Britain — those who work and those who exploit those who work.

  • All political parties except this one, the Communist Party, are for the preservation of capitalism.

  • The European Union, the brainchild of Mosley, Mussolini, Hitler, is the huddling together of failed capitalists and would-be capitalists. It has nothing to do with socialism or reform.

  • The 'free movement of labour' — emigration / immigration — is the slave trade of the 21st century. The survival of the world depends on workers reclaiming where they are born and live, not following some illusionary road to a better place.

  • War and terrorism are created by the capitalist class. They are used to kill workers. They are used to propagate ideas of reaction and medievalism.

  • Capitalism only survives because we permit it. The working class can do whatever it wants — it only has to decide to take responsibility and act for itself.

  • Workers are thinking beings, they are not stupid or misled. They have permitted Britain to decline, and they must take responsibility for rebuilding it.

Progress can be achieved, but not in isolation or without organisation. To find out more about this Party and its ideas, contact The Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) by e-mail, or write to the CPBML, 78 Seymour Avenue, London N17 9EB.