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US arms spending will start wars

22 April 2024

The USA has worsened the prospects of peace in three regions of the world. It has voted funds for increased military support to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Described as enabling defence and security, this action will escalate already dangerous situations.

Middle East: keep Britain out of war!

22 April 2024

Escalating military action in the Middle East threatens a wider war. What can workers in Britain do about it? We need to be united and to assert Britain’s interests, which are not to be involved in foreign wars.

Bringing it back home

9 April 2024

On the 75th anniversary of NATO, Britain should call time on that aggressive military organisation. We need above all to look at what our country needs – and it’s not a war abroad.

A more dangerous world

25 January 2024

The British and US governments are stoking conflict across the world, supporting Israel to continue its war on Gaza. They oppose a ceasefire in Gaza and egg Ukraine on against Russia, ignoring Britain’s needs.

No to war in the Red Sea

13 January 2024

The British government, hand in glove with the US government, is attacking Yemen. This act of war dangerously widens the war in the Middle East. We should condemn it.

Libya – chaos and tragedy

19 September 2023

The chaotic situation in Libya has contributed to the tragically huge death toll from recent floods. This has its origins in the 2011 NATO-led military intervention.

Keep US nuclear bombs out of Britain!

8 September 2023

There have been no US nuclear bombs in Britain since 2008, but there’s a possibility they will return. The bombs were removed from Lakenheath, the US air base in Suffolk, after a persistent and concerted campaign of action against their presence here.

Arms escalation in Ukraine no road to peace

9 February 2023

Ukrainian President Zelensky is stepping up efforts to further involve Britain and NATO countries in his war against Russia by pleading for more arms. This makes escalation of the conflict more likely.

US and NATO eye China

9 February 2023

The risk of war is increasing in China as well as Europe. The US and NATO are talking up China as a threat, and upping their military spending and actvity.

Truss beats the drums of war

10 October 2022

Instead of increasing Britain’s security Liz Truss is making the world a less safe place by leading Europe in arming Ukraine, training their soldiers and leading sanctions against Russia, with the defeat of Putin at the top of her list.

Switzerland tilts towards NATO

17 July 2022

NATO is rapidly expanding its influence in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Switzerland, legally a neutral country, is one of those being drawn into NATO influence.

The inexorable road to World War One

22 June 2022

World War One scarred the twentieth century with over 16 million dead and millions more injured, brought about by competition between great imperialst powers. It's lessons are relevant still.

British military aid floods into Ukraine

3 May 2022

Arms continue to pour into Ukraine and bordering countries – and Britain is one of the biggest suppliers, though the government is evasive when challenged for details.