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Bristol rail success

21 August 2023

Sustained campaigning has revived a Bristol rail line. The first of several new stations opened in July.

Stubborn inflation

21 August 2023

The rise in the consumer prices index in the year to July was a little lower than June – but prices are still rising faster than they have done for years.

Britain’s crippling debt

21 August 2023

Government debt headlines when it goes up or when the government says it wants to reduce it. The level of debt has spiralled out of control, and capitalism has no answer.

Resistance to rail ticket office closures

11 July 2023

Nearly all railway ticket offices in England are planned to close. Rail workers face redundancy and passengers will lose that service. A campaign to oppose the closures is starting.

Making people vote in Wales

11 July 2023

Turnout for Senedd Cymru elections is low. Welsh politicians are seeking compulsory voting instead of asking themselves why voters don't bother.