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Up for the Cup – but no more replays

22 April 2024

The FA wants to drop cup ties replays. Like the European Super League it’s an example of how capitalism invades and spoils if left to its own devices.

US arms spending will start wars

22 April 2024

The USA has worsened the prospects of peace in three regions of the world. It has voted funds for increased military support to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Described as enabling defence and security, this action will escalate already dangerous situations.

Middle East: keep Britain out of war!

22 April 2024

Escalating military action in the Middle East threatens a wider war. What can workers in Britain do about it? We need to be united and to assert Britain’s interests, which are not to be involved in foreign wars.

Nonsense in court ruling on climate

15 April 2024

A ruling by the ECHR finding Switzerland guilty of failing to reduce emission targets represents a big threat to national sovereignty. More claims are sure to follow.

Opposing wind power dogma in Wales

10 April 2024

The devolved government in Wales continues to approve ever larger wind turbines despite objections in pursuit of its dogmatic net zero path. But there is opposition.

Onshore wind compulsion

10 April 2024

Onshore wind farms are not the answer to Britain’s energy security, but politicians seem to think compulsion will bring people round to accepting them.

Bringing it back home

9 April 2024

On the 75th anniversary of NATO, Britain should call time on that aggressive military organisation. We need above all to look at what our country needs – and it’s not a war abroad.

Migration: more visas issued to stay in Britain

29 March 2024

Most immigration to Britain is by legal routes, the result of long term government policy. The number of visas continues to rise, which will contribute to a rapid rise in Britain’s population.

Two years on – still fighting P&O sackings

27 March 2024

Protests continue against the notorious P&O Ferries sackings two years ago. Unions are calling for changes to prevent any repeat, but the government isn’t taking effective action.

Doctors in Wales strike for pay

27 March 2024

Pay for doctors in Wales is not resolved. They are striking again against the derisory offer from the devolved government, not accepting its plea that is all it can afford.