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Cruise operator withdraws conditions threat

1 December 2023

Cruise operator Carnival quickly withdrew an apparent threat to fire and rehire over 900 maritime professionals. After urgent negotiations with their union, the company confirmed it will not do so.

Migration continues to rise

1 December 2023

Recent reports confirm that the government has lost control of immigration as the numbers coming to Britian, legally as well as illegally, continue to rise.

Open door to study in Britain

24 November 2023

The number of overseas students coming to study in Britain has reached a record high. Universities and government welcome this, but it’s to the detriment of British students.

Fighting for workers’ rights at Amazon

19 November 2023

Amazon workers in Britian continue their fight for better pay and conditions as well as trade union recognition. It’s a long fight against the world’s largest retail company, everywhere hostile to workers.

RMT forces climb down by government [updated]

13 November 2023

Determined action by RMT rail union members has forced the government to make a new offer through the train operating companies to settle their long-running pay and conditions dispute.

Scottish Water workers fighting for pay

13 November 2023

Scottish Water workers are striking against regrading and lower pay. Yet the publicly-owned company makes large payments to executives and like others in the industry presides over increased sewage pollution.

Thames pollution continues

13 November 2023

Water companies continue to pump raw sewage into rivers and the sea despite strong campaigning. A new report reveals the extent of pollution by Thames Water.