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No to war in the Red Sea

13 January 2024

Four RAF Typhoon fighters based in Cyprus bombed Yemen on 12 January. Photo Dave_S via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).

The British government, hand in glove with the US government, is attacking Yemen. This act of war dangerously widens the war in the Middle East.

The ever-loyal “opposition” Labour Party eagerly mouths agreement. Typically, the decision to attack was taken with no parliamentary authorisation.

The US and British rejection of all proposals for a ceasefire in Gaza, and their growing military and diplomatic support for the Israeli government, have paved the way to this further reckless escalation.

“Self defence”

Sunak claims to be acting in “self-defence” – thousands of miles from Britain’s shores. But Britain has been interfering in Yemen ever since the 1830s, to maintain a base there to supply and protect the empire’s route to India.

The British government intervened in the 1962-65 war in Yemen, backing the most backward feudal forces. It has armed, assisted and backed the Saudi/UAE aggression there for the last eight years. All this repeated interference has helped reduce Yemen to being one of the poorest countries in the world.

“The government postures as a warmonger.”

The Sunak government has failed time and time again to protect the interests of the British people, but is second to none in ambition to posture as a warmonger on the world stage.

We should condemn this latest intervention. No to foreign military operations, no to war – keep out of it!