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Tube workers’ pay victory

31 January 2024

Helping Victoria Line passengers, RMT members perform essential roles on the Tube. Photo Workers.

The RMT union has won a “significant improvement in funding” for the pay settlement of its members working on London Underground, according to RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch.

The employer, Transport for London, had said that their previous offer of 5 per cent was the most they could afford. But RMT began to box clever.


RMT devised a plan to call out various small but crucial groups of workers on a rolling programme from 5 January . This would cause maximum disruption but cost the members only minimal loss of earnings.

Facing this new week-long round of strikes London Mayor Sadiq Khan intervened at the last minute, having “found” £30 million. In response, the RMT’s executive committee immediately called off the planned strikes. Jared Wood, RMT regional organiser, said, “The threat of action over a week has delivered.”

Drivers too

Aslef, the union organising most London tube drivers, was then also able to benefit from the RMT victory. On 15 December last year they had settled their pay dispute, achieving a 13.8 per cent pay rise over two years, but that included only 5 per cent for 2023.

But on 8 January Aslef London organiser Finn Brennan said that now, “...negotiations start afresh...”, as there is more money on the table. When asked if Aslef members would be included in any new pay offer Sadiq Khan said “Absolutely”.