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Student loan burden grows

17 July 2022

British students pay heavily for their loans because of high interest rates and flat wages meaning graduates don't make substantial repayments.

Student nurses and midwives in bursary protest

2 December 2015

War abroad, war at home. As parliament was debating the bombing of Syria, less than 100 yards up Whitehall student nurses and midwives were standing outside the Department of Health in a loud and lively protest against plans to scrap their bursaries.

Students fight against fees and debt

5 November 2015

Students from 60 university campuses across Britain converged on the Department of Business Innovation and Skills on Wednesday 4 November to call for an end to tuition fees and debt.

Students march against fees

20 November 2014

Thousands of students from all over Britain demonstrated in London on Wednesday 19 November against the fees charged for university courses. Placards called for the return of free education.