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Inflation, capital and labour

22 June 2023

Inflation as a result of government policy since 2008 has now worked through to consumer prices. The underlying economics of inflation are the result of a poor bargain between capitalists and wage-earners.

The future of money

In a world where much commerce is conducted digitally and cash use is falling, the central banks are stuck in the past, supplying notes and coins while credit is controlled by the private retail banks. But that could soon change…

The economics of crisis

29 March 2020

Yes, there is an economic crisis as well as the health and social crisis. But the politics of despair will get us nowhere. Instead, workers need to get to grips with the financial issues involved.

Euro finance shock - more to come

26 March 2019

The EU’s financial weakness from earlier financial crises reappeared at the end of 2018 after the European Central Bank announced that growth would be lower than expected and inflation higher. That was a dress rehearsal for what is to come.