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Overground pay rise

4 March 2024

Rail workers in London have won a significant backdated pay rise from their employer, Arriva. The dispute was settled only after the threat of strike action.

Train drivers fight on for pay

25 January 2024

Train drivers continue their fight for pay and conditions with a round of strikes. Train operating companies, backed by the government, are not even negotiating. One company trying to use new minimum service level laws quickly climbed down.

Off the rails and onto the roads

27 December 2023

The fallout from the government strategy to switch investment from rail to road continues. It prefers promoting autonomous cars to developing rail and other public transport.

RMT forces climb down by government [updated]

13 November 2023

Determined action by RMT rail union members has forced the government to make a new offer through the train operating companies to settle their long-running pay and conditions dispute.

Ticket office victory

2 November 2023

The government has scrapped plans to close rail ticket offices in the face of overwhelming opposition from rail workers and passengers – a victory for people power.

HS2 sabotage hits train manufacture

2 October 2023

The government is planning further cuts to the HS2 rail project. This sabotage puts engineering jobs at risk as well as undermining the transport benefits.

Bristol rail success

21 August 2023

Sustained campaigning has revived a Bristol rail line. The first of several new stations opened in July.

Resistance to rail ticket office closures

11 July 2023

Nearly all railway ticket offices in England are planned to close. Rail workers face redundancy and passengers will lose that service. A campaign to oppose the closures is starting.

Rail pay struggle continues

7 June 2023

RMT members working on trains and in stations across the country held another strike on Friday 2 June, the latest in their long-running pay dispute.

Rail disputes rumble on

1 May 2023

Two key pay disputes in the rail industry are no nearer settlement. Both Aslef and RMT unions have announced strikes In the face of employer and government intransigence.

RMT fight on

17 November 2022

Rail workers, members of RMT, have voted overwhelmingly to continue industrial action to defend their living standards, jobs and working conditions.