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Cuba battles against US social media subversion

27 May 2022

Elizabeth Ribalta Rubiero of The Cuban Friendship Institute is visiting Britain to give an update about the situation in Cuba as the country emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, with the 60-year US blockade still in place.

We are Cuba!

7 June 2020

The people of Cuba have shown splendid commitment to national sovereignty and social justice. This books tells the tale of their struggle and sucesses.

Coronavirus: Cuba leads the way

27 March 2020

During the coronavirus pandemic Cuba is standing out as a shining example of international solidarity and the expertise and medical treatments possible when a country is run in the interests of its people.

Open University retreats on Cuba embargo

11 December 2017

The Open University has now agreed to admit students from Cuba after criticism from educational unions and others – reversing its view that it could not go against the USA.

Cuba responds to Hurricane Irma

12 September 2017

In the wake of Hurricane Irma President Raul Castro called on Cubans on Monday to unite in swiftly rebuilding the country. At the same time Cuba is providing neighbouring islands with medical aid.

Britain and the World

International statement from the Communist Party of Britain Marxist-Leninist, 17th Congress, London, November 2015. Our world is in flames, and the threat of war is real. Who is for war? Who is for peace? What of the working class?

No British visas for Cubans

9 March 2016

Cuba and the USA are making the opening moves of diplomacy between themselves. Yet Britain has introduced a surreptitious blockade of its own.

Terrorist state removes Cuba from its list

5 June 2015

The US State Department has finally removed Cuba from its list of state sponsors of terrorism  – while newly released documents show that the US shipped arms to al Qaeda and ISIS.

US backs down over Cuba

Every year workers throughout the world celebrate May Day. Forty years ago, it coincided with the liberation of South Vietnam. This year, May Day comes hot on the heels of the US’s massive climbdown over Cuba – brilliant news.

Miami 5 return to Cuba

18 December 2014

The Miami 5 have returned to Cuba in a huge victory for Cuban workers and their allies around the world. They had been imprisoned for fighting US-sponsored terrorism against Cuba.