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European Union

They call this protection?

Ask a europhile about the “benefits” of the EU and one that might be thrown in your face is the Agency Workers Directive. Yet as trade union lawyer John Hendy has pointed out, it “appears helpful but in fact has led to a massive increase across Europe in the number of workers employed through agencies and hence without the full rights of directly employed workers”

Refugees: how to create a crisis

29 September 2015

NATO governments are scheming to win support for intervening in Syria – using the refugees to create chaos in Europe and provide the excuse for an illegal war.

U-turn as Germany closes borders

19 September 2015

Germany wants to dictate immigration policy to Europe – and it is causing chaos across the continent. On 13 September Merkel had to introduce temporary border controls.

EU turns the screws on Greece

10 March 2015

Sensing weakness, the European Union is now demanding that hundreds of "troika" officials go into Greece’s ministries to examine the accounts.