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Truss beats the drums of war

10 October 2022

Instead of increasing Britain’s security Liz Truss is making the world a less safe place by leading Europe in arming Ukraine, training their soldiers and leading sanctions against Russia, with the defeat of Putin at the top of her list.

Nurses: a call to arms

9 October 2022

Nurses are considering industrial action on pay. It is time for those of us outside the NHS to stop clapping and hear the call to arms.

Carelessness and contempt

5 October 2022

During the past couple of weeks the government’s contempt towards its two main domestic creditors – the pension funds and the Bank of England nearly brought about a new, devastating collapse. 

Making an honest living

As a nation, there are really only two ways for Britain to make a living. It can be an honest one as a manufacturing nation making things that people need. Or it can be a parasitic existence, relying on banking and tourism, and buying in what we need.

Statues and statutes

12 January 2022

The decision to find the Colston 4 not guilty should not be misused: there should be no further restrictions on our right to protest, nor misrepresentations of the way to combat racism.

Save the capital's transport!

15 December 2021

The planned government assault on the London’s transport system demands above all a collective response, and not just from transport unions.

Inflation and pay

28 November 2021

Inflation is at its highest in a decade and prices continue to rise. Trade unions are beginning to respond, but there’s opportunity for doing more.

AUKUS: the path to war

18 September 2021

The USA, Britain and Australia announced a new security pact on 15 September. Known as AUKUS, it is intended to set the direction and focus of Britain’s foreign and security policy for the long term.

No more imperialist wars!

After twenty years of occupation the Taliban has swept back into power without a fight. Neither the British nor the US governments had the slightest clue how quickly this would happen. But then imperialists never do understand other countries (any more than they understand their own).

US combat operations in Iraq ended

27 July 2021

On 26 July, the US government declared the end of combat operations in Iraq. This is most welcome, although long overdue. Almost 20 years overdue, in fact.