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Pay victories across Britain

21 February 2024

Workers in many sectors have secured more pay through successful disputes. But the next round of claims will see employers try to regain some ground.

Stubborn inflation

21 August 2023

The rise in the consumer prices index in the year to July was a little lower than June – but prices are still rising faster than they have done for years.

Britain’s crippling debt

21 August 2023

Government debt headlines when it goes up or when the government says it wants to reduce it. The level of debt has spiralled out of control, and capitalism has no answer.

Inflation, capital and labour

22 June 2023

Inflation as a result of government policy since 2008 has now worked through to consumer prices. The underlying economics of inflation are the result of a poor bargain between capitalists and wage-earners.

Pay cuts continue

16 February 2023

Households are suffering the worst squeeze in real incomes since 1945. Real pay fell by 2.5 per cent the last quarter of 2022.

Telecoms workers fighting for pay

21 August 2022

BT Group and Openreach telecoms workers will hold further strikes at the end  of August. They are fighting against below inflation pay increases – in effect, wage cuts.

Brewing pay fight

15 July 2022

Workers at Budweiser’s Samlesbury brewery are in a continuing dispute over pay. They are strking again in response to an offer well below inflation.

Fish take away

18 May 2022

Fish and chips, once an affordable take-away meal, is becoming more and more expensive, underlining what’s wrong with Britain’s food policy.

Energy price rally forced to cancel

19 March 2022

A campaign set up to demand a referendum on the government’s rush to enforce net zero policies on Britain has had to cancel a planned rally in Bolton due to threats and intimidation.