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No guarantees on Tata Steel

17 July 2024

The new government has given no guarantees on the future of Tata Steel in Port Talbot. Trade unions had hopes of a positive outcome after the election, but still face job losses.

Union says no to a ban on oil exploration

30 May 2024

The Unite trade union has launched a major campaign against a ban on oil and gas exploration in the North Sea. It says a transition in energy supply should not sacrifice energy security and workers’ jobs for net zero targets.

Steel – fight for Port Talbot jobs

30 May 2024

The fight for the future of Britain’s steel industry is focused on Port Talbot. Workers are threatening to strike over Tata’s rejection of their alternative plans to retain jobs and integrated production.

Fighting for the English National Opera’s future

31 January 2024

ENO artists have suspended strike action in their pay and jobs dispute, pending further talks. But that’s only one step in their fight for the future of the company, which is being forced to move out of London in the name of “levelling up”.

HS2 sabotage hits train manufacture

2 October 2023

The government is planning further cuts to the HS2 rail project. This sabotage puts engineering jobs at risk as well as undermining the transport benefits.

Campaign for the future of steel

28 September 2023

Unite has launched a campaign to highlight the decline in Britain’s steel industry, with a plan for its future, including the demand that public contracts are obliged to use British steel.

Lights out on Teesside steel making

12 October 2015

On 12 October the liquidator of SSI Redcar announced the death of that steelworks. Over 2,000 workers will lose their jobs directly at the plant and more will be out of work as a result. This signifies a threat to Britain’s whole steel industry.

Rolls-Royce aero engines: fight to keep British jobs

5 September 2015

In the midst of significant investment on the back of large order books workers at aero engine giant Rolls-Royce have cooperated with the company during closures, restructuring and redundancies. But where has this left the British workforce?

Companies in merger frenzy

5 July 2015

The past two years have seen a significant rise in the volume of company mergers and acquisitions across the world – a straw in the wind of the next crash?

National Gallery: fighting on

7 February 2015

National Gallery workers were on strike for five days against privatisation proposals. They are part of a wider fight to defend Britain’s cultural heritage.

Ritzy sackings threat withdrawn

31 October 2014

Just three days after Ritzy cinema owners Picturehouse accounced that a quarter of the workforce would be sacked, the company has been forced to back down.