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This section contains news and views about the fight to preserve the unity of Britain in the face of separatist attempts to split off Scotland and Wales, and EU-inspired bids to divide England with federalist regionalism. You can also follow links to key sources of information. Please email us with information about meetings or useful links.


BiFab workers protest at EDF in Edinburgh

5 July 2019

With their jobs under threat after contracts they could meet have been sent abroad, workers from the BiFab construction yards in Fife protested at the head office of the energy giant EDF in Edinburgh.

Union City Glasgow

24 September 2017

Winning the 2014 Scottish referendum to keep Britain united set the scene for Brexit. Union City Glasgow was launched last weekend as a campaign to celebrate that anniversary.

Transport Police break up goes ahead

29 June 2017

The SNP has pressed on with plans to break up British Transport Police despite widespread opposition from rail unions to police chiefs. This attempt to reinforce separatism went ahead despite union warnings that it would damage and not protect policing in Scotland.

For an undivided Britain

Internal devolution divides the people of Britain. Like membership of the European Union it will poison our future unless we act. The current undemocratic engineering going on in Manchester shows why it needs to be fought…