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Hunt misses every target

15 November 2015

The NHS in England continues to miss many key targets, such as those for emergency responses and cancer care. A&E departments face a “perfect storm” this winter.

OECD indicators indict Britain's health spending

9 November 2015

The latest indictment of Britain’s spending on health has come from a formidable source – the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the club of leading capitalist countries.

Students fight against fees and debt

5 November 2015

Students from 60 university campuses across Britain converged on the Department of Business Innovation and Skills on Wednesday 4 November to call for an end to tuition fees and debt.

Wardens break pay barrier

Traffic wardens working for outsourcing company NSL in Camden, north London, have voted to accept a new pay agreement. The settlement, which breaks through the ceiling of the “London living wage”, also avoids the need for another two weeks of planned strike action.

Academy conversion by force

Each successive Secretary of State for Education tightens the noose of state control around schools, and the current one, Nicky Morgan, is no exception. The Schools and Adoption Bill currently making its way through parliament is a short bill with a long arm.

Schools: the long arm of the state

24 October 2015

The Schools and Adoption Bill currently making its way through parliament aims to speed up the rate of “conversion” to academy status – this time by force.

Junior doctors move to ballot

23 October 2015

After successful demonstrations on 17 October in London, Nottingham and Belfast against the new junior doctors’ contract, the BMA has announced that ballot papers will go out to its members in early November. 

Camden wardens break through 'living wage' barrier

20 October 2015

Traffic wardens working for outsourcing company NSL in Camden, north London, have agreed a settlement which breaks through the ceiling of the “London living wage” and avoids the need for further strike action.

Welsh museum staff walk out

20 October 2015

Workers at the National Museum (Amgueddfa Cymru) of Wales, which is spread across a number of sites, are on strike today in the latest of a series of actions against plans to scrap anti-social hours payments for weekend working.

TTIP - the mask slips

18 October 2015

“I do not take my mandate from the European people,” said EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström in an interview when challenged about the extent of opposition to the transatlantic trade treaty.

Born free - now in chain

17 October 2015

In what appears to be the first case of a free school being forced to accept an academy sponsor, Grindon Hall Christian school in Sunderland looks set to be pushed into the arms of the Bright Tribe academy chain.

US and allies' troops to stay in Afghanistan

17 October 2015

The US government now intends to keep US troops in Afghanistan beyond President Obama’s departure from office in January 2017, breaking his promise to end the war on his watch.

Lights out on Teesside steel making

12 October 2015

On 12 October the liquidator of SSI Redcar announced the death of that steelworks. Over 2,000 workers will lose their jobs directly at the plant and more will be out of work as a result. This signifies a threat to Britain’s whole steel industry.

Here comes another crash

12 October 2015

The US Federal Reserve is preparing to raise interest rates, even though this would destabilise already fragile economies across the world – which are being told to prepare for a rise in corporate failures.

Council procurement policies under attack

12 October 2015

In yet another attack on civil liberties, the government has announced plans to to change the law so that councils may only disinvest, boycott or adopt sanctions if the action is in line with government policy.

Osborne eyes local government pensions, again

12 October 2015

The new National Infrastructure Commission has less to do with planning than with stealing money from workers’ pension funds to do what the government should be doing anyway, and isn’t.

The downward march of the makers

12 October 2015

New figures from the Office for National Statistics show that production and manufacturing output  in three months to August 2015 were 9.4 and 6.5 per cent, respectively, below the levels reached in the first quarter of 2008.

Agreement at National Gallery

5 October 2015

Striking museum staff met outside the National Gallery today (5 October) and went back in to work together after 100 days on strike since February.

Desperate Conservatives try to relaunch union front

5 October 2015

The announcement that the Conservative trade unionists organisation, disbanded over 25 years ago, is to be reconstituted should show everyone in the trade union movement just how weak and desperate government really is.

Action over housing

5 October 2015

The phrase “housing crisis” is a daily media prod to the London commuter. Blink and it’s still there. But we’ve been stood immobile and blinking for far too long.