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German rail takes over Northern services

2 April 2016

Rail union RMT members hoisted the German flag over Newcastle Central station on 1 April, the day that German state railway operator Deutsche Bahn took over Northern rail services.

Migration statistics in turmoil

31 March 2016

One set of official statistics suggests that around 1.6 million EU citizens came to Britain between 2006 and 2014 – but another set suggests the figure could be a million higher.

Housing at the mercy of speculators and the EU

25 March 2016

The government is running down social housing intending to prime the market for foreign takeover. Fearing that Britain may exit the EU, speculators are already leaping into the property scrum.

ENO chorus success

25 March 2016

Members of the English National Opera chorus have settled their dispute about wage cuts. They had overwhelmingly voted to strike and not sing during the first act the opera Akhnaten on the last night of this acclaimed production.

Farmers march for a future

23 March 2016

Farmers from all over the UK marched to Downing Street on Wednesday 23 March to demand a future for British farming.

Junior hospital doctors’ action continues

14 March 2016

Hospital doctors were on strike again on 9 and 10 March. Picket lines were well populated and supported by the public as action against imposition of the junior hospital doctors’ contract continued.

Trade gap with EU widens

14 March 2016

 The latest round of trade figures issued last week dramatically underlined the reality behind Britain’s unequal trade with the European Union.

Victory for Airbus 8 against fascist law

9 March 2016

Eight Spanish workers have been cleared of criminal charges under a fascist labour law dating back to the Franco regime. The British government’s current Trade Union Bill aims to introduce something similar.

Pay again - local government

9 March 2016

The Trade Union Bill will soon to become an Act. This may even save local government trade unions from another fiasco over the so-called fight for pay in this year’s pay round.

No British visas for Cubans

9 March 2016

Cuba and the USA are making the opening moves of diplomacy between themselves. Yet Britain has introduced a surreptitious blockade of its own.

Dutch to vote on EU-Ukraine agreement

3 March 2016

Referendums are becoming contagious. On 16 April the Netherlands will vote on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement – and could scupper it for good.

Opera chorus vote for strike

1 March 2016

Members of the Equity union at the English National Opera in London have voted unanimously to strike over pay cuts and new contracts.

Hospital HR passes the buck

28 February 2016

Under the guise of “employee relations advice”, King’s College Hospital Trust has implemented a glorious modern-day example of how to undermine a union.    

Change needed in FE

Members of the University and College Union (UCU) and Unison working in further education went on strike for the day on 24 February in colleges in England that have refused to make any pay offer for 2015-16.

Unions mull local govt. offer

Unison, Unite and GMB are now consulting their members in local government over the Local Government Association’s two-year pay offer of 1 per cent a year, with higher rises at the bottom end to take account of the new National Living Wage.

Government abandons steel

26 February 2016

Business Secretary Sajid Javid told a manufacturing conference this week that public funds wouldn't be used to rescue steel. He didn’t add that EU rules would prohibit it.